Seasonal Blogging Plan

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Maybe you’re a member of one of my Facebook blogging groups, or you receive my newsletter, or a friend shared this link.

However you found us, I’m glad you’re here.

I believe in the power of blogging to create a community that is empowering, nurturing and supportive. We can embrace the strength of our own story and use it to build a life that we design. What that looks like is up to you – career growth, freelance writing, building a networking marketing team, selling ad space on your blog, and so much more. YOU create the dream and here, at Blog Your Genius, we’ll help you build the tools and knowledge to achieve it.

A key part of that mission is meeting your readers where they are - by understanding the seasonal trends.

Let’s do it, together.

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Kristen Smith
Kristen Smith

As a wife & mother struggling to balance my personal and professional goals, I found my answer in blogging. 10+ years later, I'm helping women to find their own path to their crazy, wild dreams.

In 2015, I founded BlogYourGenius.com. As a community, we help people take action towards their greatest goals. We empower each other to conquer the overwhelm so we become our own biggest business hero. Along the way, I offer workbooks, technical resources and strategy to turn creative content into an income producing product.

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